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Introduction160-page3 - Introduction 3 Interdependence of...

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Introduction - 3 Interdependence of Life – Change through Time Just as the cells of multicellular organisms are dependent upon each other for the survival of the organism, life on earth involves an interdependence of energy and nutrients in ecological processes. Much of biology focuses on the linking of life processes: The dependence of life processes on each other The interaction of organisms with their environment The changes that occur in groups of organisms through time The mechanisms of evolution as a foundation for change While looking for the unity of life processes, we recognize the great diversity of appearance and behavior of species on this earth, as well. Species differ greatly in their adaptations to the many distinct environments on earth. Both the unity and diversity of organisms can be explained by the mechanisms of evolution. Diversity of Life For thousands of years humans have categorized living organisms into groups sharing some kind of common features. In the 1700's, Linnaeus proposed a
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