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Introduction - 6 Scientists work in as many different ways as there are scientists; but all share a critical attitude that requires being shown, not being told, and use logic in their thinking. Conclusions must support evidence and observations. Science is limited to questions that can be tested. Experimental design is important. When possible, science uses controlled studies, in which the control group is a standard for comparison with the experimental group. The variables of the experiment are aspects, events or objects that may differ or change over time. When testing a hypothesis, scientists are as prepared to find the hypothesis false as they are for validating the hypothesis. Tested and supported hypotheses in science are known as theories.
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Unformatted text preview: In this sense, theory is not the same as in some fields where theory means a speculation. A science theory has tested evidence that supports and lacks evidence that disproves it. Other fields may look at issues and ideas that are untestable. These ideas are not appropriate for science. This term, in Biology 160 we will look at some of these life processes. Chapter One of your text reviews many of the ideas I've mentioned here. Read this chapter with thought. Much of what is written there may help you think more deeply and with greater understanding of what we are to do in Biology 160 as well as in subsequent biology courses you will take....
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