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Meiosis and Life Cycles - 7 Some Notes: The specifics of the meiotic divisions resemble those of mitosis; the differences occur in the matching or pairing of the homologous chromosomes, which occurs during the first division prophase. "Sister" Chromatids are not pairs; they are the two identical parts of one duplicated chromosome. You must make this distinction to understand how the process of meiosis works! A pair of duplicated homologous chromosomes will have a total of 4 chromatids, two chromatids for each homologue. It's just a fact that prior to any cell division, chromosomes duplicate, so meiosis starts with duplicated chromosomes. The Meiosis Stages (Or how we break up a continuous process into chunks) Pre-Meiotic Interphase The DNA of the cell* that will do meiosis replicates. (DNA replication must precede any cell division.) The identical sister chromatids of each replicated chromosome are attached at their centromeres and have their kinetochores. * Again, cells that do meiosis are restricted to specialized structures, such as the
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