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Cell Reproduction: Mitosis - 1 Growth and reproduction are two of the characteristics of life. The cell theory states "All cells come from preexisting cells by a process of cell reproduction, or cell division". Cell division is the process by which all cells of a multicellular organism are formed. Cell division is also responsible for repair and replacement of cells and tissues during one's lifetime. Asexual reproduction, a means of making more individuals is from a single "parent" common in protists, fungi, many plants and some animals. Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have a process of cell division, although the details are a bit different. The process of cell division must ensure that new cells formed have the genetic information of the original cell and other cellular components from the cytoplasm needed to sustain the cell. In our discussion of cell reproduction, we shall focus on the processes of cell reproduction (mitosis and cytokinesis) in eukaryotic organisms. The process of cell division in prokaryotic organisms, binary fission, has similarities, but the
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