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Cell Reproduction: Mitosis - 8 Metaphase The spindle apparatus moves the chromosomes to the equator of the cell, aligning the centromeres of each duplicated chromosome along the equator. Chromosomes are moved by a combination of pulling and pushing of spindle microtubules. The length of the spindle microtubules is regulated by the kinetochores to facilitate the alignment of centromeres at the equator. The ultimate alignment of chromosomes along the equator plane of the cell is metaphase, and the chromosomes are often called the metaphase plate. Metaphase Anaphase Centromeres of each duplicated chromosome separate to start anaphase. You can't actually see this; the separating chromosomes are the first visual sign of
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Unformatted text preview: anaphase. • Kinetochore motor proteins pull their chromosomes along the spindle microtubules from the equator to the poles of the cells. The microtubules disintegrate behind the moving chromosomes, becoming shorter. • The overlapping polar microtubules lengthen moving the poles of the cell further apart, and, in animal cells elongating the cell. • Since sister chromatids are identical, each of the two clusters of chromosomes being pulled to the two poles of the cell has one copy of each original chromosome. As the chromosomes are pulled toward the poles, they begin to lengthen out. Anaphase...
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