Respiration160-page7 - More oxidations occur in the Krebs cycle releasing two more CO 2 for each pyruvate molecule and yielding many more NADHs as

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Cell Respiration - 7 Aerobic Cellular Respiration Aerobic Cellular Respiration is comprised of two three stages following glycolysis, that occur in the mitochondria of the cell: the oxidation of pyruvate, the Krebs cycle reactions in the mitochondrial matrix (the inner compartment of the mitochondrion) and the electron transport chain reactions that occur in the inner mitochondrial membrane. The Mitochondrial Matrix (Inner Compartment) Stages The second and third stages of aerobic respiration comprise the oxidation of pyruvate and the Krebs cycle. Both occur in the mitochondrial matrix. Pyruvate molecules are oxidized and lose a CO 2 forming acetyl. NAD + picks up the electrons and H + from the oxidation forming NADH. The two-carbon acetyl unites with and is carried to the Krebs cycle by coenzyme A (CoA).
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Unformatted text preview: More oxidations occur in the Krebs cycle, releasing two more CO 2 for each pyruvate molecule and yielding many more NADHs as well as 1 FADH 2 and 1 ATP. The Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Stage The final stage of aerobic respiration is the electron transport chain and the chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP. Since the energy to synthesize ATP is from the oxidation-reduction reactions, the ATP formation is also called oxidative phosphorylation. • Oxygen is the final electron acceptor for the oxidation-reductions that start with NADH in the electron transport chain. • The electron transport chain reactions take place in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. When oxygen is available, as much as 36 - 38 ATP can be generated from one glucose molecule....
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