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Respiration160-page13 - or • Proteins> Amino Acids>...

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Cell Respiration - 13 Versatility of Metabolic Pathways We present aerobic respiration from its typical start with glycolysis using glucose fuel. We know, however that fats and proteins can also be used to provide energy for cells. How do these molecules fit into cellular respiration? Using other fuel molecules in the energy releasing pathways. Other carbohydrates -----> Glucose -----> Glycolysis Proteins -----> Amino Acids -------> Pyruvate -------> Krebs Cycle or Proteins -----> Amino Acids -------> Krebs Cycle
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Unformatted text preview: or • Proteins -----> Amino Acids** -----> Glucose ------> Glycolysis ** Amino acids in this group are converted to pyruvate and metabolized "back" to glucose to provide glucose to brain and nervous system cells and developing red blood cells. Note: All amino acids must be deaminated prior to being used for fuel. • Lipids: Glycerol ------> Glycolysis (Glyceraldehyde 3 Phosphate) • Lipids: Fatty Acids -----> Acetyl -----> Krebs Cycle • Alcohol -----> Acetyl -----> Krebs Cycle...
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