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RNAProtein160-page2 - Gene Expression DNA to Protein 2 But...

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Gene Expression – DNA to Protein - 2 But what is the relationship between DNA, genes and protein synthesis in cells? Although DNA most commonly stores information for the synthesis of proteins, some DNA information is used to synthesize the nucleic acid, RNA (ribonucleic acid). At this time, we are going to explore in more detail now DNA information is expressed in cells. The expression of DNA in the genetic control of the cell - Preview DNA contains the instructions for each cell to function, precisely coded in its four-letter "alphabet", A, T, C, and G. DNA also has regions of no apparent function and regions of genetic gibberish. These instructions are used to direct the synthesis of polypeptides (the primary structures of proteins) for the cell and for the synthesis on RNA molecules. Many proteins become functional enzymes catalyzing the metabolic activities of cells. Others are the structural proteins of cells. Some types of
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