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Gene Expression – DNA to Protein - 8 Several molecules of RNA polymerase can be present so that several mRNA transcripts can be made of the gene (DNA sequence) at one time. As one mRNA is being transcribed, a new RNA polymerase molecule attaches to its transcription factors at the promoter and starts transcribing a second. As the second starts elongating, a third RNA polymerase can attach, until many mRNA molecules are being synthesized along the DNA template. Termination
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Unformatted text preview: There is a terminator sequence that tells the RNA polymerase to stop. This is the termination signal. RNA polymerase will release the mRNA transcript from the DNA template strand at this point, and the DNA molecule will complete its rewinding. RNA polymerase will be free to bind to another gene's promoter region and initiate a new mRNA transcription. Note: The process of transcription is also used to synthesize the tRNA molecules and the rRNA of ribosomes....
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