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Gene Expression – DNA to Protein - 19 Transposons and Transposition Some DNA alterations are caused by transposons, genes or small pieces of chromosomes that literally "jump" from one region of a chromosome to a second, or to a different chromosome completely. Transposons, also called "jumping genes", often work to inactivate genes in the region where they are inserted. The "transposable element" was first discovered in corn by Barbara McClintock in the 1940's. Different pigment patterns resulted from the "mutations" caused
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Unformatted text preview: by the jumping gene. When the gene jumped into the middle of the gene to produce pigment, the pigment gene could no longer function and caused the pigment variations observed. She received little support for her discovery at the time; the phenomenon had not been seen in other organisms. However, in the 1970s similar jumping genes, called transposons, were described in viruses and bacteria and subsequently found in most organisms. Barbara McClintock was awarded a Nobel Prize for her work in 1983....
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