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Methods of Speciation - 7 Post-Mating Reproductive Barriers There are a number of post-mating reproductive barriers that prevent development or successful survival of offspring and serve as isolating mechanisms that keep species separated. The reverse can also be true. If such mechanisms do not prevent isolation, and result in fertile hybrids, we may have just one species. Some post-mating isolating mechanisms include: Gametic Isolation: Mating (copulation) may occur but fertilization is not
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Unformatted text preview: successful • The gametes cannot fuse or are not chemically compatible. • The sperm cannot survive in the female reproductive tract. • The zygote cannot develop if fusion does occur. Non-viable Hybrid: Even if gametes fuse, the offspring can be weakened, and may not survive. There are four ranges of leopard frogs in North American, separated by mating behaviors and incompatibility of embryos if behavior mechanisms are overridden....
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