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Speciation160-page11 - of native lands to agriculture...

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Methods of Speciation - 11 Natural ecological species interactions such as competition and predation impact the ability to survive. Superior competitors may deprive less competitive species' resources to the point where the less competitive can no longer survive. Geographic changes and accompanying climate changes have also been responsible for loss of populations. Catastrophic geological events such as volcanic eruptions, or massive earthquakes cause major environmental alterations. It is now accepted that a meteor may be responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs, along with numbers of other organisms that lived in that era. However, the increased rate of extinction we see today on earth is the result of habitat destruction caused by human activities such as deforestation, conversion
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Unformatted text preview: of native lands to agriculture, over-exploitation of species and pollution of water sources. Tropical rainforest loss each year exceeds the area of the state of Washington. 20 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks made each year come from trees that were once part of forests. The number of acres of trees felled for Sunday newspapers boggles the imagination. Brazilian Rain Forest Deforestation Temperate Forest Habitat Loss Clearing of trees to provide new buildings and parking lots at BCC has resulted in the loss of 90% of the vegetation that once graced this campus, along with the other species that depended on this habitat. The current plantings are a mix of architects' choices and an abundance of a few "natives" grown in nurseries....
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