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Poverty Redistribution, Growth and Welfare GDP per capita (constant 1995 USD) 1960 1980 2000 Growth * 150 297 948 4.8% OECD 9,944 19,666 29,888 2.7% 1,985 3,525 3,811 1.4% .. 2,072 2,050 0.2% South Asia 186 240 460 2.4% Sub-Saharan Africa 477 660 567 0.5% Source: World Development Indicators What is A t While we refer to this as technology, it is in reduced form representative of everything that we think leads to differences between economies that cannot be explained by differences in stocks efFciency of resource allocation
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Unformatted text preview: institutions government Since technology is the least well measured, it is often treated as the resid-ual component in growth, i.e., the component which does not come from growth in K t , H t and L t . 1.2 Poverty Poverty Many ways of measuring poverty. One of the most common way is to study the proportion of the population with incomes below a particular poverty line z The objective of the Millennium Development Goals (based on a $1 day poverty line) is to halve the proportion of people living below Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 3...
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