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Redistribution, Growth and Welfare 1$ a day from around 30% (of the developing worlds population) in 1990 to 15% by 2015. P = # ( i : y i l z ) (total population) Halving Global Poverty Where do the Poor Live?See Table 1: Poverty around the World Main concentrations of the poor are in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and South Asia 1990-1998 poverty rate in East Asia drops from 27.58% to 15.32% and absolute numbers fall from 452 to 278 million - corresponds to reductions of 44% and 38% reductions respec- tively (China accounts for the bulk of these changes) - these Fgures impressive - over 8 years, the region has come
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Unformatted text preview: close to halving the proportion in poverty - 15 years ahead of schedule they represent the largest fall in poverty ever witnessed in his-tory and have led to referred to a miracle taking place in East Asia. Sub-Saharan Africa completely different- poverty rates have remained stagnant, moving from 47.67% in 1990 to 46.30% in 1998,- Absolute numbers in poverty have increased from 242 to 291 million (corresponding to roughly 50 million entering poverty) Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 4...
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