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Redistribution, Growth and Welfare Table 11: Classification of states according to total poverty elasticity and growth components (+) High growth (-) Low growth (+) High poverty elasticity Andhra Pradesh Kerala Punjab Orissa West Bengal (-) Low poverty elasticity Gujarat Haryana Karnataka Maharashtra Tamil Nadu Assam Bihar Jammu & Kashmir Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Policy redesign - randomized experiments in Western Kenya look at whether increasing the supply of textbooks or improving child health affect attendance and attainment in NGO run schools (Glewwe,
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Unformatted text preview: Kremer and Moulin, 2000; Kremer and Miguel, 2002) • Reorganization of how policy is delivered - public schooling, for ex-ample, may require a variety of monitors and competitors - includ-ing different levels of government, community and NGOs and pri-vate sector - in order to be accountable and effective (Reinikka and Svensson, 2002; Hsieh and Urquiola, 2002) 2. Finance • Access to credit central to expanding productive opportunities Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 16...
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