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Role of State Regulation and Development TABLE I L IST OF PROCEDURES FOR STARTING UP A COMPANY This table provides a list of common procedures required to start up a company in the 85 countries of the sample. 1. Screening procedures - Certify business competence - Certify a clean criminal record - Certify marital status - Check the name for uniqueness - Notarize company deeds - Notarize registration certi±cate - File with the Statistical Bureau - File with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of the Economy, or the respective ministries by line of business - Notify municipality of start-up date - Obtain certi±cate of compliance with the company law - Obtain business license (operations permit) - Obtain permit to play music to the public (irrespective of line of business) - Open a bank account and deposit start-up capital - Perform an of±cial audit at start-up - Publish notice of company foundation - Register at the Companies Registry
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