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Unformatted text preview: Role of State Regulation and Development TABLE IV EVIDENCE ON REGULATION AND SOCIAL OUTCOMES The table presents the results of OLS regressions using the following seven dependent variables: (1) Quality standards as proxied by the number of ISO 9000 certifications; (2) Water pollution; (3) Deaths from accidental poisoning; (4) Deaths from intestinal infection; (5) Size of the unofficial economy as a fraction of GDP; (6) Employment in the unofficial economy; and (7) Product market competition. The independent variables are the log of the number of procedures and the log of per capita GDP in dollars in 1999. Table II describes all variables in detail. Robust standard errors are shown below the coefficients. Dependent variable Number of procedures Ln GDP/POP 1999 Constant R 2 N Quality standards (ISO Certifications) H11002 0.2781 a 0.7649 a 0.3311 (0.0496) (0.1268) 85 H11002 0.1595 a 0.0771 a H11002 0.1140 0.5384 (0.0443) (0.0131) (0.1484) 85 Water pollution 0.0127 b 0.1557 a 0.0247 (0.0084)(0....
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