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Brown v Board: Overturned Plessey v Ferguson Francis Perkins: 1 st woman on cabinet under FDR Rosa Parks: Sparked Civil Rights movement when she wouldn’t give up her seat Harding and Grand had Administration Corruption McCarthyism: Senator Joseph McCarthy from WI starts red Scare had leg. Immunity 19 th Amendment: Women’s Suffrage John Foster Dullis: Sec-state under Eisenhower. Believed in Massive Retaliation Table at Tox: Took 1 year to negotiate shape Vietnam A-Bomb: Shortened the War Gulf of Tonkin: 2 US destroyers attacked by N. Vietnam; LBJ sends 16000 troops Gulf of Tonkin Res.: Authorizes LBJ to wage war without congress’ consent Internment of Japanese Americans: WWII, Racism. Internment Camps Scopes Monkey Trial: John Scopes, indicted for teaching evolution. Darrows v. Jennings guilty Lost Generation: Sinclair “Babbitt”, Fitzgerald, Hemmingway, Faulkner, KKK, Women’s suffrage, Jazz: Watergate: Dem. Watergate building, Nixon campaign Man.: Mitchell got dirt on Dem. Nixon fired Archibald Cox; called Midnight Massacre. Nixon shocked he was tapped. Atlantic Charter: UN; Churchill, Stalin, FDR met New England. Defeat Nazis, Freer Trade, Not seek territory people choose gov., raise standard liv.,
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