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Media and Policy Table 2 . Summary Information on Capitation Grants Received as Share of Entitled Grants, 1995 and 2001 Surveys (percent) Mean Median Standard deviation Maximum Minimum Number of observations All schools 1995 23.9 0.0 35.1 109.8 0.0 229 2001 81.8 82.3 24.6 177.5 9.0 217 1995 2001 Regions Central North Northwest West 24.3 26.7 11.2 24.0 92.8 102.4 90.3 71.6 Southwest 21.1 83.3 East 20.1 62.4 Northeast 36.0 73.4 Conclusions Paper explores that problem in delivering education in places with weak institutional environments Not explicit how information is actually used by parents, teachers etc. We need to think more carefully about theories that link provision of in-
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Unformatted text preview: formation to a lowering in leakage Problem: All schools potentially exposed to the newspaper campaign. May be, it is not the information but how schools & communities react to infor-mation that matters. e.g. you could get same result just because schools nearer to newspa-per outlet are better connected & lobby harder to obtain the missing education funds In short, results consistent with a number of stories. 3.3 Besley & Burgess (2002) Political Economy of Government Responsiveness Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 45...
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