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Media and Policy Empirics Panel Data Regression of the form: g st = α s + β t + δ s st + γ ( z st )( s st )+ φ z st + u st g st – measure of government responsiveness (public food distribution, calamity relief expenditure) s – state Fxed effects t – year Fxed effects s st – measure of shocks (proxy for proportion of vulnerable voters af- fected by the shock) z st – economic, political and media variables that may affect g st government activism i.e., redistribution in response to long term food imbalances
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Unformatted text preview: government responsiveness to recent shock Need for government intervention – food grain production per capita ... ±igure I – real per capita food damage to crops ... ±igure II Media development – newspaper circulation (aggregate & language vise) varies sig-niFcantly across space and time in India ... ±igure III – allow us to identify impact of circulation on responsiveness Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 52...
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