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Media and Policy shared vulnerability - common interest in being protected against shocks + mass media allows minority to affect policy choices of politicians Paper provides robust empirical test of these ideas and points to the cen- trality of access to information for citizens in a democracy Conclusions Linkages between the press and democracy in preventing famines has long been recognised “India has not had a famine since independence, and given the nature of Indian politics and society, it is not likely that India can have a famine even in years of great food problems. The government cannot afford to fail to take prompt action when large-scale starvation threatens. Newspapers play an impor-
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Unformatted text preview: tant part in this, in making the facts known and forcing the challenge to be faced.” Sen (1984) Interesting question : are both free information Fows and democracy im-portant in making politicians responsive to the needs of citizens? Besley Burgess (2002) argues that government responsiveness affected by ◦ Mass media – newspaper circulations- “other” language newspapers that are more likely to high-light the plight of the local shock affected vulnerable voters ◦ political institutions and factors – turnout – political competition Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 60...
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