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Banerjee et al. (2002) Property Rights 4.2 Banerjee et al. (2002) Empowerment and EfFciency: Tenancy Reform in West Bengal In 1977 emergency - Left Front Government (a coalition of socialist and communist parties) comes to power in West Bengal (India) - fo- cus on agrarian reform Two elements to new tenancy law: (1) The tenant was given choice of registration with the land-revenue bureaucracy. This was to establish the legal standing of a tenant, tenancy contracts being traditionally oral in most places. (2) A registered tenant could not be evicted provided they paid a legally stipulated share of 25% of output to the landlord. Operation Barga Operation Barga – name given to the effort to implement this law –
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Unformatted text preview: village to village registration drive- the fraction of registered share-croppers went up from 23% in 1977 to 65% in 1990 making West Bengal the state in India with the highest proportion of registered sharecroppers by far – more than 8000 camps were conducted and around 0.67 million sharecroppers were registered • West Bengal land-scarce and agricultural dependent – sharecropping tenancy accounts for almost half the net cropped area in West Bengal- prior to the reform sharecropping contracts generally involved high share-rents (50% of output in most cases), insecure tenure and the leases were almost always informal Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 74...
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