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Lin (1992) Property Rights Agricultural growth – average annual rate of growth of food grains rose from a meagre 0.43% between 1968-81 to 5.05% between 1981-92 compared to the all India average of 1.94% and 3.08% – question is what is the con- tribution of institutional reform Data: district-wise data from 14 West Bengal and 15 Bangladesh districts for the period 1969-93 Use a simple difference in difference model: log y dt = α d + ψ t + β × treatment d × post t + Σ φ X jdt + ε dt where y dt is the log rice yield per hectare in district d and year t , ‘treatment’ denotes being a district in West Bengal and ‘post’ denotes being in the post reform period, X jdt are a series of control variables that vary across time and across districts.
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Unformatted text preview: Looking Within West Bengal more direct method focus only on West Bengal districts estimating the following equation ln y dt = d + t + b dt 1 + k k + ln X jdt + dt b dt = percentage of sharecroppers registered or the registration rate in dis-trict d at time t this captures program intensity Vector of controls X jdt Results indicate that Operation Barga raised average productivity by 20% Overall productivity went up by 69% Barga accounts for 28% of overall increase in agricultural productivity 4.3 Lin (1992) Property Rights Reform in China Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 75...
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