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Lin (1992) Property Rights After a long phase of slow growth in agricultural productivity during the era of socialist economic policies – very sharp growth in the late seven- ties coinciding with liberalization program initiated under the reformist leadership of Deng Xiaopeng – one of biggest experiments in changing property rights ever attempted Explanations 1. Institutional Reform - De-collectivisation of production teams - Adoption of household responsibility system?(HRS) - Return to household farming - Household became residual claimant to effort put in
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Unformatted text preview: - Switch almost complete by 1983 2. Price Reform- Procurement prices for compulsory delivery quotas raised in 1979 (by as much as 20% for grain)- Better production incentives for households- Higher premium for above quota delivery- Prices of public-sector produced manufacturing goods used by the agricultural sector had been reduced. 3. Market Reform- Looser regulations on private interregional trade- Deregulation of entry for private traders Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 76...
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