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Lin (1992) Property Rights - Cutting down of procurement quotas - Reduced number of agricultural products included in agricultural planning - Explosion in growth of private markets and changes in composition of production - China was no longer managed as one big input-output table Evaluation of Impact of Reforms Panel data set consisting of observations for 28 of the 29 provinces of main- land China for the period 1970-87 Province-year observations – Roughly 28 x 18 = 504 observations Panel data – same unit (province) followed over time Data on the following variables(subscripts refer to province
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Unformatted text preview: i and year t ): Y it value of crop output in (using ofFcial 1980 prices as weights) X 1 it area of land cultivated X 2 it size of labor force X 4 it gross weight of fertilizer consumed N Git percentage of total sown area in non-grain crops M Cit multiple cropping index HRS it ratio of teams in province i converted to the HRS by the end of year t GP it index of above quota prices relative to manufacturing input prices MP it index of market prices of crops relative to manufacturing input prices Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 78...
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