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Burgess (2004) Asset Redistribution Table 1: Sample Characteristics, Rural Sectors, 1990 Sichuan Jiangsu Rural PCE (yuan) 569 953 Rural industry/ rural output (%) 26.9 60.4 Location Central inland East coastal Climate Subtropical Subtropical Main food crop Rice Rice Household size 4.35 4.15 Sample size {counties} [villages] <household> (persons) {54} [538] <5380> (23416) {34} [336] <3364> (13920) Source: SSB Rural Household Surveys. China Statistical Yearbook (1991). 55 also receive lower allocations non-productive household members are taken into account in allocation rule equivalence scales based on land and calorie demand line up – allocation
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Unformatted text preview: rule appears to be based on consumption needs of households allocation rule tracks nutritional need more exactly than per capita rule Table 2 – allocation rules extremely similar across Jiangsu and Sichuan – persistence of egalitarian norm in environment of rapidly developing markets Opinion surveys suggest that egalitarian rules popular with farmers - Kung – Cadre dummy insigniFcant – limited ability to affect allocation by having more kids Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 86...
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