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Asset Redistribution (6) improving access to land via either land redistribution or improving the functioning land rental markets (which allow land rich and land scarce households to trade) could signiFcantly contribute to the Millennium De- velopment Target of halving the proportion of people suffering from hunger between 1990 and 2015 (7) however political events in China unlikely to be replicated elsewhere (8) the China example underlines the importance of providing access but has less clear-cut answers in terms of providing guidance on how access can be improved. Land Reform, Poverty Reduction, and Growth: Evidence from India Background and Data: India: It is an important example for the study of land reform – largest
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Unformatted text preview: body of land reform legislation ever passed in the world Data considerations make it ideal for assessing impacts on poverty and growth: (i) under 1950 constitution – land reform is a state subject (ii) many forms of different types of land reform attempted in different states (iii) federal democracy – scope to understand political economy of policy determination (iv) common institutions (v) common data collection methodologies – comparable poverty mea-sures (NSS) (vi) long time period covering numerous land reform episodes We use panel data on sixteen Indian states 1958-1992 to study impacts on poverty and growth of four types of land reform (i) tenancy reforms Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 96...
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