Importance of Literature

Importance of Literature - love and human nature Not only...

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Today’s generation has made a claim that literature and the arts are unimportant. In fact, some accredited courses are devoted to creating a sense of importance and culpability of literature and art. Although these claims try to damage credibility, literature will always maintain its importance to the educated. Our society’s viewpoint of literature’s insignificance was established from its indirect impact on the world. At times, it is difficult to understand how a mystery novel can establish any importance in today’s society, but all people can see how science has changed the world. However, what is science without communication? Scientists cannot contribute to our world without literature. Literature indirectly links the author to the reader. Authors of literature provide insight upon superficial and deep ideas and problems of our world. Watty Piper’s “The Little Engine That Could” describes the need for perseverance to children, while Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis presents Kafka’s viewpoint on deeper ideas of isolation,
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Unformatted text preview: love, and human nature. Not only to art and literature provide meaning in our lives, they also grant us emotions. Literature can make us laugh, cry, and feel joy. These emotions can help us to feel bond with the author and the author’s experiences. Amongst the stress of today’s society, we need these emotions to relieve ourselves. I am definitely not the only person who believes in the importance of literature. Worldwide prizes are given to the most accomplished artists. For example, the Nobel Prize for Literature is definitely one of the greatest achievements a person can obtain. Sources on the internet list hundreds of different awards given out each year to gifted writers and artists. Obviously, the arts and literature cannot be taken for granted in today’s society. Its importance abounds in our world. All ages young and old can appreciate art and literature for its entertainment and intellectual rewards if they would only open their eyes....
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Importance of Literature - love and human nature Not only...

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