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Human Capital China versus India – former more able to make use of growth opportuni- ties Comparison across Indian states: Uttar Pradesh versus Kerala, tells us that investment in human capital huge impact on social indicators Probe report: survey work in the Northeast – points to importance of sup- ply of schools + improving quality Himachel Pradesh: recorded massive improvements in educational attain- ment – links between democracy, education and equity Human capital: central to social and political and economic development Cross Country and Regional Regression y st = α s + β t + φ hc st + γ z st + u st Cross-country panel data Problems of identiFcation Problems of comparability
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Unformatted text preview: Problems with using expenditure Problems of intervention variables being too broad interesting but not quite sure what they are telling us Natural Policy Experiments The way forward can look at very speciFc types of interventions Problems of identiFcation Duos work in this area exemplary Randomised Trials Experiments: treatment/control only way of getting truly exogenous policy variation Big area of work now, e.g., textbooks, devolution of school funding; Typically researcher-NGO partnerships see MIT Poverty Action Lab Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 140...
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