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Unformatted text preview: Duflo (2001) Human Capital place both within health and education budgets as well within the overall government budget Fundamental rethinking of the role of the state – political economy – empirical verification Organisational Reform Changing policy may not be a sufficient response to the challenge of poverty and vulnerability – organisational reform involving a change in the structure of institutions which deliver policy may also be required Encouraging greater community participation through (i) decentralisation of provision of social protection to lower levels of government, (ii) social fund mechanisms and (iii) greater involvement of nonstate actors such as NGOs and the forging of partnerships between NGOs and government are all increasingly seen as important means of reaching poor and vulnerable groups (i) Promote decentralisation of provision: Decentralisation of provision represents one key mechanism by which ac- countability and hence commitment to these basic health and education can be improved – Direct participation of the local community in the provision of these services will help widen access, strengthen sustainability and encourage learning about the benefits of these services – Arguments relating to the decentralisation of revenue are less strong as this involves significant losses in the scope for both redistribution and risk pooling – can strengthen health and education attainment when sufficient revenue is passed down and when decentralisation takes place in an environment characterised by a high degrees of political participation, responsiveness and accountability of local government and strong local institutional capacity Development Economics, LSE Summer School 2007 149 ...
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