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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 9 Intra-household Allocation Readings Tables and figures in this lecture are taken from: Chapter 8 of Ray (1998) Chapter 4 of Deaton (1997) Class based on Burgess, R. and Zhuang, J. (2002), Modernisation and Son Preference. mimeo, LSE. Introduction We have so far been dealing with question of the welfare of nations and household However, there is still the issue of intra-household allocation that we need to tackle, i.e., are resources within household fungible Big empirical question: Are there biases in the intra-household allocation of resources? If there are (i.e., imperfect fungibility) – standard household welfare measures (e.g., per capita expenditure or income) may not reflect the welfare of household members welfare, living standards, poverty: fundamentally characteristics of individuals not households – expression at household level just reflects data limitations. 184 ...
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