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Unformatted text preview: Burgess & Zhuang (2002) Intra-household Allocation Table 8: F-Tests for the Equality of Gender Coefficients Alcohol Tobacco Tea Sichuan Jiangsu Sichuan Jiangsu Sichuan Jiangsu 0-4 0.321 0.072 0.996 0.661 0.001 0.766 5-9 0.653 3.018 0.449 0.014 0.144 2.907 10-14 2.606 1.406 0.788 0.961 0.408 0.075 household allocation of resources at least partly underlie observed differ- ences in outcomes (ii) Comparisons across and within (rural and urban) samples confirm that discrimination in health good spending against girls 0-4 years of age, as- sociated with poorer, less diversified households. Same pattern of results is also found for spending on education goods. Results suggest that in- come and the composition of income enter into the parental decision rule. Discrimination is not driven entirely by cultural factors. This points to a potential role for public policy in counteracting gender discrimination. As regards excess female mortality in the 0-5 age group, it would appear that policies which promote growth and diversification will...
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