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Poverty and Undernutrition If this view is correct, far reaching policy implications. Income medi- ated policies will have limited impact on nutritional goals. Governments will have to supplement income generation programmes with alternative strategies, i.e., price subsidies, rationing, feeding programmes, nutrition and education to limit hunger and malnutrition. There is also common ground between two distinct views, one which treats household welfare (including nutrition) as synonymous with household income, and the other , which views household welfare in terms the ca- pability to avoid basic deprivations, including undernutrition, which is eroded if income growth is not associated with improvements in nutri- tion. Shrinking ground makes it difFcult to think of household income as a convenient shorthand for household welfare. ±or public policy, nutritional welfare and economic welfare would have to be considered separately. Two versions of “revisionist” positions:
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