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Poverty and Undernutrition correlated with household expenditure and arguably uncorrelated with its measurement error. E.g., income if independently measured, proxies of long-term income or wealth are other candidates. Use of instrumental variables leads to a small fall in the estimated elasticity. Fall is not suf±- cient to place the estimated elasticity in the ‘revisionist’ camp (e.g. Subra- manian and Deaton, 1998 paper, which the class is based on). Difference between estimates cannot be ascribed to methodological differences alone. (ii) Misreporting of food consumption: May be more pronounced in the case of expenditure surveys as opposed to 24-hour nutrition surveys. Food in- takes are not directly measured in expenditure surveys, food may be given to guests, agricultural labourers, servants or even animals but nonetheless recorded as household consumption. Food consumption by non-members is systematically related to household expenditure (richer households have
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