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Social Networks Table 9: Well Descriptive Statistics Mean Standard deviation Obs. ELF across tribes for all primary schools within 5 km of the well, 1996 Exam Namelist data 0.23 0.14 667 Indicator variable “normal” water flow from well, 2000-2001 survey 0.57 0.49 667 Indicator variable no broken or missing well parts, 2000-2001 survey 0.66 0.48 667 Indicator variable people in the area get water from another local well (if not normal water flow), 2000-2001 survey 0.32 0.47 196 Year well stopped functioning (if not normal water flow), 2000-2001 survey 1997.5 3.1 196 Latitude (degrees North), GPS data from 2000-2001 survey 0.36 0.17 667 Longitude (degrees East), GPS data from 2000-2001 survey 34.20 0.12 667 Notes: Data are from the 1996 ICS School and Pupil Questionnaires, 1996 Government Examination Namelists, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) readings taken by NGO field workers. Ethno-linguistic fractionalization is defined as 1 – ¦ i (Proportion of Ethno-linguistic group
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