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Lewis Carroll - By Popular Demand

Lewis Carroll - By Popular Demand - Jason Christian AP...

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Jason Christian AP Senior English Ms. Chamberlain 5/11/2009 Lewis Carroll: By Popular Demand It has been over a decade since Lewis Carroll first wrote his Alice stories. These stories entertained children and enlightened students. Through the years, scholars and enthusiasts alike have been determined to find reasons for Carroll’s success. For the times, Carroll’s writing style was a new landmark. Straying from the Victorian style, Carroll uses nonsense with hidden meaning to appeal to scholars and children alike. The Alice stories accumulated popularity that had never been seen. Short from the Bible and Shakespeare, some critics believe Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the most read piece of literature at the time. The success of the Alice stories can be attributed to the fact that the stories spanned many barriers including culture, age, and intellect. To begin, Lewis Carroll wrote one of the most intriguing stories filled with intellectual though, childhood entertainment, and an “erratic genius” (Victorian Station), as described by critic Henry Bruno. From mathematics to English literature, Lewis Carroll, was an intellect. After studying at Rugby College, Carroll fell in love with mathematics and writing. Carroll also had a strong affection for young girls. After his meeting with Alice Liddell, Carroll began writing children’s stories. Not long after, one of the greatest series of literature arose from Carroll, the Alice stories. Never before had the world seen such a breakthrough in popular literature. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been repeatedly sold to millions upon millions of people from almost every known culture. The Alice stories have been translated into almost every known language including Indian dialect. It is thought that nearly fifty-
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percent of children have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or have had it read to them by the age of eight (An Overview: Lewis Carroll). “They say the most translated books along with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are the Bible and Shakespeare” (Amazon). But why are these stories so popular? When Lewis Carroll wrote his first Alice story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland , he did not predict nor even intend to publish the story. Carroll merely wanted to write down the events that took place on Alice Liddell’s birthday May 4. The year is unknown but sometime around 1860. Instead, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland exploded with success (Victorian Web). Carroll never intended nor believed that his childhood story would someday grow to be a historical mark on literature from all sides of the earth. Throughout the journey of
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Lewis Carroll - By Popular Demand - Jason Christian AP...

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