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Unformatted text preview: Besley & Ghatak (Mimeo) Decentralisation and NGOs (iv) Local institutional capacity. (v) Responsiveness and accountability of local government. (vi) High degree of political participation. When one examines the empirical evidence it becomes clear that countries may be arrayed along a continuum, depending on their success in meeting these conditions. When we do this, we see that three groups of countries appear: (i) low performing countries , where virtually none of the conditions are sat- isfied, (ii) middle performing countries , where some conditions are satisfied and some are not and (iii) high performing countries , where most of the conditions are satisfied. Low Performing Countries Decentralisation in a number of countries has just meant abandonment of the social protection function by central government, in the sense of nei- ther providing nor funding social protection. Abandonment of this func- tion is often driven by fiscal crises, which make funding of social protec- tion systems untenable.tion systems untenable....
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