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Decentralisation and NGOs public services is clearly called for. Excessive centralisation and bureau- cratic control of the social protection function, twinned with inadequate devolution of central revenues, have also been problems with the decen- tralisation experiments carried out in various sub-Saharan countries. High Performing Countries These comprise a select group of countries where all the conditions for suc- cess of decentralisation have been met. The most successful experiments with decentralisation of social protection provision have been found in Latin America and in particular in Chile and Bolivia. What is critical about these experiences is that they took the related issues of revenue devolu- tion, institutional capacity building and creation of democratic local insti- tutions seriously. The decentralisation experience in Bolivia as surveyed and evaluated by Faguet (1997) serves to illustrate how this was achieved. Bolivia is an in- teresting example given it’s backwardness, high levels of corruption and
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