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File2-page243 - Besley Pande& Rao(2005 Decentralisation...

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Unformatted text preview: Besley, Pande & Rao (2005) Decentralisation and NGOs that local preferences over projects were expressed. (iv) Guidelines were put in place to ensure fair and transparent election of municipal officials, thus providing another route through which local preferences could be expressed and local accountability enforced. Though preliminary, the results from various surveys carried out by Faguet (1999) do suggest these reforms resulted in significant shifts in the compo- sition of spending towards items which more directly benefit the poor. For e.g., investments in health, education and civil works were expanded at the expense of those in industry and tourism, hydrocarbons and com- munications. Poorer, smaller and more rural municipalities were instru- mental in engineering this shift in the composition of spending. 12.2 Besley, Pande & Rao (2005) Political Selection and the Quality of Government: Evidence from South India A significant political economy experiment: Amendment to Indian Con-...
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