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Decentralisation and NGOs Dependent variables Pradhan keeps election (1) (2) (3) (4) Pradhan has BPL card -0.079*** -0.097*** (0.033) (0.030) Pradhan eligible for reservation -0.074*** -0.074*** (0.028) (0.025) Pradhan's education 0.006** 0.005** (0.003) (0.002) Pradhan's land ownership -0.002 -0.003* (0.002) (0.002) Pradhan's family political history 0.006 0.003 (0.028) (0.029) Individual controls Yes Yes Yes Yes GP and Village controls Yes Yes Yes Yes R-squared 0.2 0.19 0.2 0.19 N 4854 4674 4854 4674 2. The dependent variables are dummies: looks after village needs=1 if respondent says Pradhan looks after village needs, and keeps election promises=1 if respondent believes Pradhan keeps his election promises. 3.The GP control includes number of villages in GP. Village controls include literacy rate, pradhan village dummy, GP headquarter dummy, total households, fraction SC/ST households. Notes:
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