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(Lesson 2: Frequency Tables; 2-2) 2.02 Note on Rounding : Triola obsesses over this issue, but the rounding issue really depends on the application. Here, we have rounded down ages. Note on Roundoff Error : The rounded off values in the “Relative Frequency” column actually add up to 1.001, but we shouldn’t worry about this. If the sum were something like 2, then we should worry! Note on Trailing Zeros : Why, for instance, do we write “0.140” as opposed to simply “0.14”? The trailing zero at the end of “0.140” indicates that 0.140 is accurate to three decimal places. Given that we are rounding off relative frequencies to three decimal places, the “0.14” might be mistaken to be an exact
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Unformatted text preview: value. Note on Classes : Observe that the classes are the same size, with the exception of the 70+ class. We typically avoid using classes of unequal size: for example, 40-49 and 50-54. Also, the 35-39 class was included because 35 is the minimum required age for the U.S. Presidency mandated by the Constitution. Historical Notes : We are counting Grover Cleveland twice, because he served two nonconsecutive terms. The youngest President was Teddy Roosevelt, who was 42 when he succeeded William McKinley on his assassination. John Kennedy was the youngest elected President at the age of 43. Ronald Reagan was the oldest elected President at the age of 69....
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