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(Lesson 3: Histograms; 2-3) 2.03 LESSON 3: HISTOGRAMS (SECTION 2-3) Here is a frequency histogram for the example in Lesson 2 : Observe that the histogram resembles a bell curve ; this is common for data involving natural measures such as ages and heights. We will be studying bell curves for much of this course. Notes on Scaling : Observe that the tick marks on the Frequency axis are evenly
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Unformatted text preview: spaced, and the highest labeled tick mark (16) is at least as high as the highest frequency (13) among the classes. The “gap” between 0 and 35 years is indicated on the Ages axis. Note : Try not to stripe your bars. Stripes tend to lead to illusions of vibration, referred to as the Moiré effect....
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