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(Lesson 4: More Statistical Graphics; 2-4) 2.05 LESSON 4: MORE STATISTICAL GRAPHICS (SECTION 2-4) Look at my MINITAB handout . PART A: DOTPLOTS These are like histograms with many “thin” classes, except that stacked dots replace the bars. PART B: STEMPLOTS, OR STEM-AND-LEAF PLOTS These resemble sideways histograms, but you can use them to: • recover the original data values • sort the data values (i.e., place them in numerical order)
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Unformatted text preview: Example Nine students take a test. Their scores are as follows: 77 93 73 51 74 85 82 73 100 Stage 1 : Assign leaves to stems. The leaf of a data value is the value’s last digit. The stem consists of the other digits. Note : If the data values are not integers, they must be written out to the same number of decimal places. Write the stems in increasing order....
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