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(Lesson 5: Measures of Center; 3-2) 3.01 CHAPTERS 3: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS II LESSON 5: MEASURES OF CENTER (SECTION 3-2) PART A: FOUR MEASURES Example 1 The five students in a class take a test. Their scores in points are as follows: 80 76 100 83 100 How can we find a single number that tells us how well the class did? Let’s look at four possibilities for measuring the center of a data set. 1) [Arithmetic] Mean or Average There are other measures called means, but the arithmetic mean (or simply “the mean”) is by far the most common. In Our Example
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Unformatted text preview: Mean = Sum of all data values Number of values = 80 + 76 + 100 + 83 + 100 5 = 439 5 = 87.8 points Warning : You must group or compute (“process”) the numerator before dividing by 5. You can do this by either placing grouping symbols like parentheses around the numerator, or by pressing “ENTER” or the like on your calculator before dividing. What would be wrong with entering the following on your calculator: 80 + 76 + 100 + 83 + 100 ÷ 5 = ? Remember to write units, such as “points”, in your final answer where appropriate....
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