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(Lesson 5: Measures of Center; 3-2) 3.02 Notes on Rounding : • In Chapter 3 , we will typically round off our final answers to one more decimal place than the number of decimal places provided in the given data. In this Example, because the given data values are integers (rounded off to zero decimal places), we round off our final answers to one decimal place. • Avoid rounding intermediate results, however. This becomes an issue in later sections. Triola suggests rounding off intermediate results to at least twice as many decimal places as will be present in your final answer, but this might not be
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Unformatted text preview: enough. • Always read instructions on exams. They take precedence over everything. 2) Median If N is odd, the median is the data value in the middle position after sorting the data in increasing or decreasing order. In Our Example 80 76 100 83 100 We must first sort the five data values. 76 80 83 100 100 ± The median is 83 points. Observe that there are as many data values below the median (2) as above. (If two or more data values equal the median, this might not be the case.)...
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