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(Lesson 5: Measures of Center; 3-2) 3.03 If N is even, the median is the average of (i.e., the midpoint between) the two data values in the two middle positions after sorting the data. Modified Example Let’s say there were only four test scores: 80 76 100 83 We must first sort them. 76 80 83 100 ± ± The two middle values are 80 and 83, so we take their average, 80 + 83 2 = 81.5 . The median is 81.5 points. 3) Mode The mode is the most frequent data value, if any, in the data set. A data set could have no mode, one mode, or more than one mode. It is sometimes denoted by
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Unformatted text preview: ˆ x . In Our Example 80 76 100 83 100 The mode is 100 points. (How wonderful!) (We do not have to go one decimal point further for modes.) Although it is often easy to find modes, they might be questionable as measures of centrality. The mode may actually be an extreme value, as in our Example, or it may just be the consequence of simple coincidence. Example : The data set 2.41, 3.62, 7.25 { } has no mode. Example : The data set 50, 50, 70, 90, 90 { } has two modes, 50 points and 90 points. The data set is bimodal ....
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