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M119L05-page7 - Mean = 72 points Outliers The “0” is an...

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(Lesson 5: Measures of Center; 3-2) 3.07 PART C: MEAN VS. MEDIAN; OUTLIERS Example 2 The five students in a class take a test. Their test scores in points are as follows: 100 90 90 80 70 Median = 90 points Mean = 86 points Let’s say the person who received the “70” actually cheated, and we drop that score down to 0 points. What effect does that have on the median and the mean? 100 90 90 80 0 Median = 90 points
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Unformatted text preview: Mean = 72 points Outliers The “0” is an outlier , because it is extremely high or low relative to the other data values. The mean is sensitive to outliers , and it exhibits a dramatic drop. The median is not sensitive to outliers, and it remains unchanged in our Example. The midrange is very sensitive to outliers; it drops from 85 points down to 50 points in our Example....
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