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(Lesson 10: Addition Rule; 4-3) 4.12 Example 3 Roll two dice. P doubles or a "6" on either die ( ) = 16 36 = 4 9 44.4% ( ) A formula would be tricky to apply here. We’ll use a diagram, instead. Example 4 All 26 students in a class are passing, but they seek tutoring. One tutor is a Junior who likes helping students who are Juniors or who are receiving a “B” or a “C”.
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Unformatted text preview: Based on the following two-way frequency (or contingency) table, find P a random student in the class is a Junior or is getting a "B" or a "C" ( ) . A B C Sophomores 1 2 Juniors 5 8 1 Seniors 2 4 3...
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