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(Lesson 11: Multiplication Rule; 4-4) 4.15 The events “3” and “Hearts” are independent events, because knowing the rank of a card tells us nothing about its suit, and vice-versa. The occurrence of one event does not change our probability assessment for the other event. The rank and the suit of an unknown card are independent random variables, which we will discuss later. Dependent events are events that are not independent. Multiplication Rule for Independent Events
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Unformatted text preview: If events A , B , C , etc. are independent, then: P A and B ( ) = P A ( ) ⋅ P B ( ) P A and B and C ( ) = P A ( ) ⋅ P B ( ) ⋅ P C ( ) , etc. Tree Diagram Example 2 Draw three cards from a standard deck with replacement. (“With replacement” means that, after we draw a card, we place it back in the deck before we draw the next card.) Find the probability that we draw an Ace first, a King second, and a King third. Think: AKK sequence....
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