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(Lesson 11: Multiplication Rule; 4-4) 4.17 PART C: DEPENDENT EVENTS P B A ( ) = the “updated” probability that B occurs, given that A occurs. General Multiplication Rule For events A , B , C , etc., P A and B ( ) = P A ( ) P B A ( ) P A and B and C ( ) = P A ( ) P B A ( ) P C A and B ( ) , etc. Note: If A and B are independent, then the occurrence of A does not change our probability assessment for B , and P B A ( ) = P B ( ) . In that case, the General Multiplication Rule becomes the Multiplication Rule for
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Unformatted text preview: Independent Events that we discussed earlier: P A and B ( ) = P A ( ) ⋅ P B ( ) . Example 3 Draw three cards from a standard deck without replacement. (“Without replacement” means that drawn cards are never returned back to the deck.) Find the probability that we draw an Ace first, a King second, and a King third. Think: AKK sequence....
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